Powerless corporate culture


  • 1

    Power mission
    Make business better
    Powerless corporate culture
  • 2

    Power Vision
    Fifty years of business in the basic Internet field,
    500,000+ customers
    Powerless corporate culture
  • 3

    Core values of motivation
    Achieve customers, keep promises, be affectionate
    Righteousness, hard work, never give up
    Powerless corporate culture


Four pillars to realize the company's vision

  • client

    Help small and medium-sized enterprises to win online marketing at the starting line Customer philosophy: Customer care for customers

    Four pillars
  • team

    Three principles: teamwork, mutual appreciation, embrace change Three consciousness: service awareness, result awareness, crisis awareness

    Four pillars
  • service

    Generate value through service with every penny of professional awesome customers

    Four pillars


Product philosophy: customer-centric and market-oriented.

Product quality: Design and professional service to ensure customers with the spirit of craftsmen.

Product innovation: provide customers with "tool + promotion + operation" trinity solution