是什么? What is "inviting visitors" ?

It is a promotion tool that publishes product information and news information through multiple high-weight media platforms to quickly rank products that reach the search engine homepage.

— 产品卖点 "Attracting Customers" -Product Selling Points

Search engine full coverage

Multi-end display of PCs and mobile phones such as Baidu, 360, Sogou, and Shenma

Large amount of information

Display multiple messages to achieve full screen effect

High conversion rate

Can promote specific pages to achieve high conversion goals

Promotion effect is good

30-100 keywords can be ranked on the homepage, and core business matching words used on the homepage

easy to use

Simple operation, one-click release of articles and products, AI technology to achieve automatic pseudo-original, automatic release of multiple cooperative media platforms

One key

A number of high-weight cooperation platforms can be entered at one time. Under these high-weight platforms, a second-level column is established, and products and information are included

— 智能快速云推广平台 "Inviting visitors" — an intelligent and fast cloud promotion platform

  • No need to understand the Internet, big data promotion positioning and keyword intelligent planning;
  • No need to use hands, use search engine algorithms to automatically expand portfolio, release, and optimization;
  • A large number of daily releases, high-weight platform display, search ranking priority;
  • Automatic ranking statistics, automatic aggregation of traffic, real-time docking inquiry.
— 产品优势 "Attracting customers"-product advantages

save money

Also ranked on the search engine homepage, no longer charge for clicks, unlimited keywords, full search engine coverage

Internet marketing

Ranking is more stable and lasting, keyword accurate traffic, open page conversion rate is high

Save effort

Send automatically, no effort required

Fast matching

According to the industry's popular keywords provided by customers, perform regional matching to achieve keyword rankings

— 合作媒体 "Attracting Customers" -Cooperative Media
Why join "Yingkelai"

Perfect service system

Professional technical team non-stop keyword optimization technical support throughout the year; online service of customer service system

brand guarantee

For more than 10 years, relying on research and development technology and rich website operation experience, the effect is continuously guaranteed

Comprehensive product line

Possessing the “Guide Visitors” Wanzi system and website optimization technology

Headquarters supports resource sharing

The headquarters provides various materials, training, technology and promotion support, etc., each agent can be familiar with the product as soon as possible


Partners enjoy more preferential and direct prices, seeking more profits for the majority of agents

Intelligent agent platform

Operational management platform, clear interface, clear category, simple management, easy to operate